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Quiznos is a restaurant chain that serves toasted sandwiches made from quality fresh ingredients on artisan breads.

The first Quiznos opened on 13th and Grant in Denver in 1981. A Mr. Rick Schaden opened a Quizno franchise in Boulder, four years later Mr. Shaden and his father brought the franchise and began a process of rapid expansion. By 2004, Quiznos had over 3000 restaurants in 15 countries. They reached a peak of 5000 stores, mostly franchises, in 2007.

Park City Quiznos

The recession hit hard. Stores closed by the thousands. The company sought help with debt from private equity firms. Quiznos filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Things became even worse as lawsuits began to fly with franchisers, investors, and others claiming the owners made misleading statements. Contracts with suppliers and efforts to refinance saddled franchisees with unexpected costs. Quiznos had fewer than 1,000 stores in 2015.

Corporate History

These are select events is the corporate history.


In 2004, Quizno's tried a marketing campaign that used singing sock-puppet style creatures called a Spongemonkeys. The Spungemonkeys did not have a positive impact. They company should have called which used a similar campaign before it crashed.

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