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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines (NASDAQ RJET) is a brand operated by Republic Airlines Holdings of Indianapolis, Indianan. Frontier has hubs in Denver and Milwaukee with a strong presence in Kansas City.

A distinctive feature of the airlines is that each of the planes in the fleet bear a picture of a wild animal and are known by nicknames such as Pete the Pelican, Erma the Ermine, Sarge the Bald Eagle, Carl the Coyote, Fritz the Mountain Goat, Grizwald the Grizzly, Humphrey the Bison, etc.. Lockon Aviation Photography shows photos of the aircraft tails.

The modern company, Frontier Airlines, was founed in 1993 after Continental Airlines reduced service at its Denver Hub. The airlines uses a hub and spoke design with the majority of its flights going through Denver. The new Frontier Airlines traded under the symbol FRNT. Do to high fuel prices, the company is currently undergoing reorganization.


The company was named after Frontier Airlines which operated from 1950 to 1985. The company suffered serious financial setbacks in the 1980s, declared bankruptcy and was purchased by People's Express. This combined company was then purchased by Continental.

Many of the workers and executives of the original Frontier Airlines work for the new Frontier Airlines.

Due to skyrocketing gas prices, On April 11, 2008, Frontier Airlines again entered chapter 11. The airlines will continue to operate as it reorganizes.

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