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Built Green Colorado

Built Green Colorado recognizes members of the construction industry for developing ecologically friendly construction techniques.

The construction industry is among the most resource intensive industries in our economy. When you consider the life cycles of residential commericial structures, you will find that well thought through design and development will have a bigger impact on our resource consumption than almost any other choices we make in our lives.

Building green, of course, is an extremely complex and fascinating topic. For example, investing a little bit of extra time and material up front might cut long term heating bills.

We also find that using better quality materials might mean a longer life cycle for a building. Again, in many cases spending more green up front reduces resource consumption in the long run.

Other structures might gain their greeness by re-using materials or building with recycled fibers.

The idea of building green is fascinating topic that should be pushed into the center of any design effort.

Anyway our site du jour has a wealth of information about the greening process. Best of all, the site highlights green efforts by local builders and suppliers.

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