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Baron Worldwide

Fortunately, I am not yet to the point where I have to be thinking seriously about pulling up stakes and moving overseas. However, I found the site Baron Worldwide, Inc. intriguing. This company specializes in helping people move overseas.

When moving between countries, you aren't just dealing with the standard hassles of transporting belongings to a new home. Moving between countries involves custom checks, different monetary systems and entirely different notions about things. For example, England might not look kindly on your pistol collection.

The site really doesn't contain that much information on moving overseas (although I suspect they have quite a few interesting stories to tell). The web site has an FAQ page and a "plan your trip" page and your standard corporate information.

Baron Worldwide gets the site of the day simply for sparking the imagination with international intrigue and the thought of living in exotic new lands.

Of course, when it is finally time for me to be moving overseas, I probably won't be having time to call Barons. I suspect I will barely have enough time to put an assumed name on my passport and to transfer my money to an offshore account before the Feds freeze my assets.

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