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Prosperent is a technology company based in Denver engaged in the mass affiliation game. Prosperent maintains a huge database with offerings from thousands of merchants around the globe. Third Parties, such as this site, can access the prosperent database to create ads for their site.

For example, I've been interested in listing local deals on this web site. Using the Prosperent API, I created the simple program below. You simply enter a list of towns in a state and press search. The program will produce a list of local deals.

The company's strongest offering is a thing called a "Performance" ad. The Performance ad allows you to put a snippet of a code on a page and it will create an ad relevant to that page. The little box below is showing performance ads in action.

Search Local Deals

This second test I created with the Prosperent API lets you enter a keyword, brand or both.

Search for Products
Brand *optional

Most of the searches I performed returned over a thousand items. While the API is simple, figuring out how to deal with complexity of the data is tough.

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