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🠈  About Denver Color  🠊

Denver Color is a member of the Community Color family of sites.

The goal of this project is simply to promote local web development and community awareness by creating a web directory and calendar for select towns in the Mountain West, including my home town of Denver, Colorado.

I am currently moving the site to a new server and have turned most of the interactive features off.


My original plan was to give free links all the sites I found in the community and to fund the site with affiliate ads. Affiliate networks tend to be a bit too aggressive for my taste; So, in the current upgrade, I decided to give local merchants a chance to displace the affiliate ads.

I invite local web sites to order ads. The ad is a 728x90 placement that goes in the upper fold of the page. The ad can be two lines of text (see above) or a 728x90 banner. I charge a $25 listing fee and will display the ads 100,000 times before crawling back for a new listing fee. This is an incredibly low CPM of just 25¢.

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