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Kirkland Museum

The Kirkland Museum at 1311 Pearl provides a selection of international and local find art. The museum houses information on contemporary Colorado Artists. Their Youtube feed occasionally carries information about local artists. You can follow the museum on twitter.

The museum building was established as a commercial art center in 1910 by Henry Read (1851-1935). The studio was an early meeting place for artists and home to the Denver Art Association and Artists Club (which evolved into the Denver Art Museum).

Vance Kirkland (1909-1981) was appointed the first director of the Chappell School of Art at the University of Denver in 1929. The studio at 1311 Pearl became known as the Kirkland School of Art.

In 1981, Vance Kirkland willed his estate to Hugh Grant who sought to preserve the studio and created a museum exhibition space.

The museum is a member of the Historic Studio preservation effort of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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