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Third Way Center

The first two ways for dealing with at risk children are somewhat bleak: Do we really want the disadvantaged youth in our community to look forward to nothing more than a life of homelessness or incarceration?

The Third Way Center is an organization that wants to find a third way. The Third Way seek to intervene in young lives and to put at risk children on a path to independent living.

The Facts page gives the run down on the services and philosophy of the organization along with success stats and other information.

Services include residential programs, educational programs, drug and alcohol treatment, services for teenage moms and other important services.

The organization needs funds to help make these good things happen. As such, they offer a stream of fund raising events throughout the year including the Say it With Chocolate great fest, the Steak and Sticks golf/dinner event, the Tasting for Chariety wine event and other festive social occasions.

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