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Denver City Club

In an effort to highlight some of the fringe groups with bizarre philosophies in the Denver area, I thought I would give the Site of the Day to The Denver City Club.

Completely out of sync with modern thinking. The Denver City Club's motto is "To Inform not Reform."

Can you believe someone actually has that on their web site?

As everyone knows, the way you go about discourse is to first find an "in" group to join. You then choose the side of an issue that suits your group's temperment. AFTER CHOOSING YOUR POSITION, you then go out and research the subject to find quotes and select terminology conducive to your views (Chomsky is a good person to quote). With your research in hand, you then progress your cause by slipping praise to your friends and tossing barbs at your enemies. As soon as you perfect the game, you enter the fray and start yelling past everybody.

Modern discourse is all very simple.

This Denver City Club is the odd thing. Their web site actually has the temerity to suggest that one should start discourse by an earnest effort to objectively look at information! Can you believe that?

If you took this objectivity idea to its extreme, then you would end up with a situation where the policy makers were spending most of their time talking to each other and exploring different approaches to solving our city's problems. They should be spending their time polling the body politic and figuring out how to position themselves in the turmoil.

The web site says that the club was founded way back in 1922. Things were strange back then. My professors said that there once were people who actually thought there was such a thing as objectivity. Being enlightened, my professors taught me that there is no such thing as absolutely pure perfect objectivity; Therefore everything is political, and everyone must be judged politically.

The City Club's web site includes information on upcoming events. They occasionally broadcast presentations on Channel 8.

Of course, I am still caught up on this strange notion that public policy makers should learn about issues before making public policy. Isn't Democracy the game where political aspirants study the conflicts of the current socio-politico paradigm, then try to ride political tides by aligning with groups in ascendance and dissing those in decline?

How can you have discourse, if you don't have a position before you start researching? If you don't have a cause in place before you start studying an issue, how will you know where to insert the purr and snarl words?

This "inform not reform" idea makes no sense. It does not mesh with my progressive college education!!!!! Maybe the tag line is just a slogan like "The Spin Stops Here" or "Fair and Balanced." This whole idea of researching issues before making policy is troublesome and needs to be stopped.

I know.

My professors taught me that the way you progress to power is to plant people conducive to your views in decision making position. This is how the professoriat got in power. The Denver City Club lists its officers. So, what we need to do is infiltrate The Denver City Club. Once we have control of the decision makers, we can "reform" the group. If you reform the slogan "To Inform not Reform" then it will mean its opposite. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Anyhow, the site of the day is The Denver City Club which produces a series of interesting civic lectures. As for me, I have plans to make and strings to pull. Enjoy the presentations of the Denver City Club. Please, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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