🠈  Peak 10 + ViaWest = Flexential  🠊

Peak 10 + ViaWest = Flexential

In July 2017, Peak 10 acquired Denver based ViaWest. They operated with the name Peak 10 + ViaWest. The combined company changed its name to Flexential in 2018 with corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC..

I am keeping this page for historical purposes

The company builds secure data centers that allow cloud hosting and colocation. The primary market is for corporations seeking a secure location for their data servers. I took a tour of ViaWest and they were doing every thing right with multiple layers of physical and cyber security at each site. If I had the money, I would have hosted this site through a server hosted by ViaWest. The video takes you on a walk through of a Data Center.

Peak 10 + ViaWest Data Center Tour from ViaWest on Vimeo.

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