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March of Dimes

Dimes have been on the march since 1938, and they aren't slowing down. The March of Dimes was first established as a fund raiser in the fight against polio. The organization was instrumental in the development and delivery of polio vaccines and helped lead to the irradication of this horrible disease that had afflicted previous generations.

Of course, once dimes are on the march, they are hard to stop. Not only are dimes the cutest denomination of US currency, they also are noted for their perserverance.

Today, the March of Dimes helps with many pressing issues including prenatal care and in addressing birth defects and developmental disabilities.

March of Dimes dollars have helped fund the research of 11 Nobel Laureates.

The Site of the Day, of course, is the March of Dimes - Colorado Chapter which has information on the March of Dimes in the Denver community.

So, if the dimes in your pocket feel like joining the march, you will find a great charity worthy of support. (I understand that green currency is appreciated as well). The site includes information on local activities and volunteer opportunities.

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