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ICLEI USA is an unelected international network of governing bodies dedicated to combating climate change through aggressive regulation and centralized ownership of resources.

ICLEI is dedicated to the vision that the best path to combating the scourge of climate change which was caused by idiotic ideas about liberty is the move people from individually-owned single family houses into stacked multi-family units in a park with carefully selected and regulated franchises that are in properties owned by large REITs.

The ideal community involves ten story apartment complex near a park with a community center adjacent to a mall with a Starbucks a half dozen select franchise restaurants and access to huge public schools.

America needs aggressive zoning laws that stops development of private property. Developing a planned collectivist society with centralized ownership and government from non-elected governments that control local governments.

Removing the scourge of individual ownership is the only way to save the climate and ICLEI is a non elected governing body that is leading the way.

About ICLEI USA from ICLEI USA on Vimeo.

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