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I just bought the Meerkat desk top computer from System76 of Denver.

I've been upset with the poor performance of Windows computers for some time. Through the years I had made several stabs at converting old Windows boxes to Linux. Each time I would encounter hardware incompatibilities which thwarted my efforts to switch my local computer to Linux.

So, I figured the best way to make the switch to Linux would be to buy from a company that concentrates exclusively on Linux computers.

System76 uses Ubuntu Linux which is a good starting place. (I use Ubuntu on the Virtual Private Server that hosts this site.)

Most of the software I needed was pre-installed and I was online within a few minutes of opening the System76 package.

I hope to add maps to this site. One needs massive amounts of disk space to process GIS data; So, I got a massive 2 Terabyte hard drive.

My only disappointment so far is that the System76 system came with a MicroSSD drive. My camera uses standard SSD cards; So there is a micro SSD reader taunting me while I have to transfer pictures from my camera with a cable.

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