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<== Site Review (2005-02-11) ==>

The web is a great tool for regional news sites like The Cherry Creek News. This paper focuses its beam on area in and around Cherry Creek. The site has articles concerning development and community interest. In addition to news, the site includes a blog and moderated forum for discussing neighborhood issues.

The same company runs the North Denver News which serves Northern Denver. Like its sister site North Denver News provides a wealth of articles concerning life in the North Denver area.

If you are wondering. I found CCN first, which is why it got top billing and the SoD review. I know, its completely unfair. Both neighborhoods are fun vibrant communities. It is strange the way the Internet tends to give preference to sites with distinctive names. If you type in the string "North Denver" into Google, you get 11,400,000 hits. The result set is extremely untargeted with struff from all over the Metro area. Typing in Cherry Creek brings up 3,150,000 hits with a result set that is more targetted.

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