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New Wave Enviro

New Wave Enviro produces a line of environmentally friendly water bottles, water filters, and related products.

I am fond of the stainless steel bottles. If you are looking for a product that you will be able to give your grandchildren, stainless steel is the way to go. The picture to the right is a stainless steel thermos that my folks have been using for about 50 years. This bottle might well still be in use a century from now.

Of course, we do live in a fast paced throw-away societry. Rather than trying to change the nature of man, New Wave Enviro is working to create products for throw-away man. One of their most innovative designs is the Corn Resin Bottle with the Better Water Drinking Filter (Buy at This drinking bottle is made of a biodegrable corn resin. Corn is a renewable resource. The bottle can biodegrade.

The product includes a simple activated carbon filter that pulls the chlorine from tap water. The United States has excellent drinking water. Water companies add chlorine to water so that they can transport it through pipes. Simply removing the chlorine gives you water that is equal (if not superior) to expensive bottled water.

Each corn resin bottle is designed for about 80 usess. After which you can toss the bottle knowing that it will biodegrade.

NOTE, the New Wave Enviro site simply has descriptions on the products along with a database of stores. You can buy the products online at The widget belows shows a sampling of products and prices.

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