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RxPlus Pharmacies, Inc

50 years ago, most local drug stores were locally owned and independent. In the last fifty years we have seen pharmacies, grocery stores, hardware stores an most local stores rolled into a handful of just a few multinational firms.

I've been investigating the merger chains of large corporations like CVS Health, Kroger, etc.. CVS actually started as a shoe store that grew big. The shoe stores partnered with S.S. Kresge Company to create K-Mart. After creating K-Mart, the owners of the shoe stores decided to create a huge pharmacy.

The rolling up of the pharmaceutical industry happened as follows. Many of the independent stores used a buyer's cooperative called "Rexall." Some of the Rexall chains got big. These big chains started to combine. The buyer's cooperative fell apart and all the independent pharmacies had to scramble to merger with a big player.

RxPlus Pharmacies, Inc is a Denver based firm that provides resources for the few remaining pharmacies. I miss the independent stores of yesteryear, but I don't know if they will ever come back.

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