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Colorado Color - Tumblr

Tumblr is a social media site that encourages members to share images and videos. The program allows users to "reblog" images. As I love the Mountain West, I've taken to creating Tumblr blogs that highlight the best photographs from the Rocky Mountains.

My original idea was to use the blog CommunityColor for images from Colorado. I decided to use the blog Colorado Color instead. The other blogs I maintain are:

Each gallery has an RSS Feed and archive. If you put the RSS Feed for Colorado Color in your Feed Reader, you will periodically see a beautiful picture of Colorado.

The feature I like best about tumblr is the Archive page which creates a thumbnail gallery for each of the blog posts. Below is a screen capture of an archive page. click here to see the archive page for Colorado Color.

Recent Posts

At the time of this review, the blog had 800 post and grows by a picture a day. Below are the last 12 tumblr posts.

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