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Looking for a fun, comfortable footwear to enhance the Colorado active lifestyle?

If so; you will love Crocs.

This Colorado designer from Niwot has developed a unique selection of innovative footwear. The collection includes sandals, clogs, flipflops and workshoes. The anti-microbial design of Crocs make them ideal for medical offices.

For that matter, the ergonomic design of the shoe makes Crocs an ideal shoe with foot related problems like diabetics foot.

The heart of the company, of course, is making fun shoes for outdoor adventures. Crocs are great on hikes in the mountains or desert, where it is likely that you will get your feet wet. The no slip design makes them great for boaters.

Most importantly, they look great on the beach!

Crocs has styles for men, women and kids. They have crocs designed for work and crocs designed for play. The selection of styles is large enough to outfit the whole family.

You can return shoes bought at crocs.com at authorized retail stores.

Crocs, Inc.
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