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National Center of Missing and Exploited Children - Co

Most webmasters are excited when their site grows in content and popularity. Quite frankly, I wish today's Site of the Day were a blank page.

Today's site of the Day is the National Center of Missing And Exploited Children. This page has online posters and information on missing children from Colorado. The hope of the site is that, by making posters of children widely available, someone, somewhere might report information to help close these heart wrenching cases.

The web site is part of the Amber Alert system which helps organize rescue efforts in recent abductions.

The main web site has posters from all the states. You can search the database by age of the child, and date of the abduction.

When I was writing this review, I was delighted to see the that the primary Amber Alert page was blank. I hope that when you read the Amber Alert page is blank as well.

In conclusion I would like to mention the Success Page. The success page tells the stories of found children and prevented abductions since 2001.

National Center of Missing And Exploited Children
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