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Church and Business Guide

When I started building the Community Color family of web sites, I was expecting to see Church web sites emerging as central focal points of the local internet community.

Churches and Church groups are often the first to provide social and community services. By their very nature, ministries are very interested in the quality of local life. Despite the importance that churches play in the local community, I've found church web sites to be isolated from the community. In reading all the different blogs, and visiting business web sites, I rarely find people linking back to their local church. Even worse, I rarely find churches linking to community resources or to competing churches.

In the topology of the web. Local church web sites seem to be isolated islands separated from the communities that they serve.

Anyway, I was extremely happy to see the Denver web site called Church & Christian Business Guide. This site promises to be a resource for the Denver Christian Community at large. Sadly, the site only lists a very few churches.

At this point, the site has a small number of articles and only a small list of local churches. If you are visiting Denver and looking for a church, you would be better served by the yellow pages.

I do hope this site continues to expand. I believe that the local community would be better served by services that linked to local churches.

NOTE: the site currently has a Java program that takes several minutes to load.

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