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Clinimmune Labs has an interesting page on the history of smoking; So, I thought I would toss the group a site of the day award.

Unfortunately, the navigation on the site is so awkward that I was not able to find if the site had any more gems like the smoking research and history page.

The overall layout of the pages shows keen eye for design. The pages include pictures of the staff, with popup links containing the bios of the doctors on staff. While the site does have a few good pages and the layout of the individual pages shows a good eye for design, the overall navigation of the site is lacking. For example, the Site Map fails to include many of the most interesting pages on the site.

Anyway, I just clicked on a menu item that leads to an PDF page rather than to an HTML page as I was expecting. That means my computer will crash. I really hate it when sites mask which pages are PDF and which are not. Adobe Acrobat is one of the worst designed programs on the market.

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