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Rise Broadband

Established in 2005, Rise Broadband is an interstate company offering fixed location broadband services. Predecessor companies include JAB Wireless, Skybeam, Digis, T6, Prairie iNet and Rhino Communication.

This Englewood based company is noted for bringing wireless service to rural communities which are traditionally underserved by big telecom.

The company claims to provide service in 16 states. They do not provide much detail on the service they provide. Even worse, you have to give the company your email to find out if service is available in your neck of the world.

Fix wireless is a great idea. It involves a combination broadcast tower and receiver at a fixed location. If you are in range then you can transmit to and from the receiver. The problem is that the companies selling this product never tell you where their bleeping towers are.

Telling people where wireless towers are is not that difficult. All you need is GPS coordinates and Open Street Map, but the companies involved in the industry never seem to do that. Instead they demand your email address. My guess is their marketing departments are more interested in sending spam than providing service.

The site has a National Map and then list cities they claim to serve. But, this is not sufficient detail to determine if they can reach a given location. Their site indicates that they serve rural communities, but most of the towns they list are quite large.

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