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ICON Eyecare

ICON Eyecare is a Denver based ophthalmology practice offers eye care services ranging from regular check ups to cataract and lasik surgery.

Subsidiaries of ICON include Swagel-Wootton Hiatt Eye Center of Phoenix and Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center of Dallas.

ICON is owned by Cortec, a New York based private equity firm. The private equity business recently declared that the ophthalmology market is a "fractured" market in need of structure.

Cortec is one of a dozen centralized banks that seeks to "role up" the market and are using ICON as a vehicle for doing such.Here is one of several presentations on why health care practices should be owned by centralized banks and not by doctors.

Corporate History

This merger chain is a bit confusing as Cortec has used different names for the group. Historic names include Eyeconic Vision Partners, EVP EyeCare, ICON Eyecare and The Eye Academy of America. Cortec appears to be keeping the brand identity of the different groups it acquires.

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