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Perfect Teeth / Rocky Mountain Dental Services Holdings

Rocky Mountain Dental Holdings, which is a subsidiary of Mid-Atlantic Dental, is a holding company for the Perfect Teeth franchise system. Perfect Teeth is a network of dental practices in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Dental Works is a brand of dental offices from the Dental One side of the merger.

Mid-Atlantic was created by S.C. Goldman & Company which is a private equity firm created by SC Goldman who was attorney with Duane Morris LLP. Mr. Goldman is a leading expert on the Affordable Care Act with the inside scoop on the workings of the new bureaucracy. Realizing that the Affordable Care Act would end the tradition of private medical practices, Goldman sought to create a platform for rolling up dental practices.1. SC Goldman received its financing from a large private equity firm called the CRG Partners.

Corporate History

Since Mid-Atlantic is the owner, I will present the corporate history from that perspective with Birner nested as an acquisition.

Understanding the layers of the company:

The Arizona practices are apparently part of a subsidiary called Glendale Dental Holdings. If you are in Phoenix then your dentist is a subsidiary of a subsidiery which is held by a small private equity firm which is owned by a large private equity firm.

I loved the old style practice in which dentists owned their firm. In this old structure, the owner of the company would stick his fingers in my mouth to clean my teeth. In this new paradigm there are five corporate layers between the patient and owner of the firm.

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